Our Guarantee

Quality Guaranteed

Quality will not be compromised in our office. We take pride in providing a quality product and the end result is beautiful and comfortable smile!

What Makes Quality Custom Crafted Precision Dentures?

We guarantee you will receive the highest possible quality of service in regards to:

  • Provider’s experience
  • Provider’s dedication to his/her craft
  • A good listener to his/her patient’s concerns
  • Detailed and accurate assessment of the client’s physiology, needs and expectations
  • Accurate impressions
  • Sophisticated instrumentation
  • Quality premium teeth custom matched to patient’s esthetic needs and intraoral conditions
  • Properly arranged teeth
  • State of the art denture fabrication system
  • After care and support

We are proud to say, our Swiss Precision Dentures are:

  • Comfortable, secure, enhance the confidence of our clients and they are extremely life like in appearance
  • The materials used to craft them are of the best quality
  • The teeth used in our precision dentures are top of the line and have a true and realistic appearance.
  • They are made from either advance composite tooth material or cross linked or double crossed linked acrylic resins and will last for a long time
  • The gums of the finest dentures we offer the “Premium Swiss Precision Dentures” are custom stained to simulate the patient’s actual gum appearance and color
  • All of our full dentures are processed using the renowned SR Ivocap System
  • Overall, all our Swiss Precision Dentures are crafted to simulate the look and color of the natural dentition and the patient’s gums and they appear almost real