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We offer free consultations, written estimates and will accept all dental plans.

Learning that dentures may be necessary, or experiencing denture related problems often leaves people bewildered with many questions and concerns. 

If this situation applies to you or someone you care about, we suggest that you see us so we may discuss techniques available to you that may solve your problems. Since 1980 we have been making people smile.

We provide Dentures, Dentures on Implants, Relines, Repairs, Sleep Apnea, Anti Snoring at our Zanon Denture Clinics to service Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby St. Catharines, Dunnville, Grimsby, Beamsville, Smithville, Winona, Vineland, Fonthill, Hagersville, BrantfordCaledonia, Oshweken, Simcoe,  Jarvis, Nanticoke, Port Dover, Townsend. 

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Grimsby Denture Clinic

21 Elm Street, Grimsby ON 

Direct - (905)-945-3295 

Toll free - 1 (800) 227-0234


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Hagersville Denture Clinic

39 King Street East 

Direct – (905) 768-3432 

Toll Free – 1 (877) 313-3031


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What Does Our Office Do?


Our livelihood is devoted to the fabrication and repair of all types of dentures as well as appliances used to treat Snoring and mild to moderate Sleep Apnea.

On Site Dentures & Repairs

Unlike other health care practitioners who provide these services, our work is done on the premises, by us, the ones that see you during all appointments. Our modern, fully equipped facilities allow us to customize and alter any denture or appliance to suit your particular needs or desires.

Dentures Do Not Have To Be Expensive To Fit Right!

Denture Visit

We provide the most cost effective, and time effective service. Because we have firsthand experience working with you, we are also the most qualified to recreate the natural character of your smile or treat your snoring problem. 

No Referral Needed

You can come directly to us for treatment without a referral from another health care practitioner.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards and all dental insurance plans.