Denture Repair & Services for the Hamilton Area

Our Services Cover More Than Just Dentures

We want to make sure our clients receive the best in oral health care. Zanon Denture Clinic provides a full range of denture services, including:

  • Complete oral examination and consultation
  • Construct immediate and complete dentures
  • Construct acrylic and metal partial dentures
  • Construct dentures supported over dental implants
  • Treat soreness using Low Level Lasers
  • Repair broken dentures
  • Reline loose dentures using hard and soft liners
  • Rebase loose dentures using hard and soft liners
  • Clean dentures
  • Name placement in dentures

We also are pleased to provide:

We provide a wide range of denture options at Zanon Denture Clinic. A free consultation will provide you with the knowledge needed to make the decision that is best for your health, lifestyle and budget.